Other activities - Green Entrepreneurship

Project Title: Green Entrepreneurship

Project objective: Increase the career opportunities of young people using their creative potential by developing their competencies necessary for developing green entrepreneurship initiatives, increasing the labour market with new job opportunities by encouraging the establishment of new social and green enterprises.
Within the project, an eight-day training course was delivered: "Green entrepreneurship" and green skills on the following topics:
- Educational approach to the EU environment and eco-social entrepreneurship;
- Eco-Social Entrepreneurship - What is it? How can we develop it?;
- More prospective approaches and tools for understanding eco-social entrepreneurship;
- Green jobs and opportunities for young people;
- Field trips and excursions around Strumica;
- Cultural differences and traditions through the organisation of intercultural evenings;
- Project work: participants had the opportunity to work closely together in order to develop ideas and prototypes which can later be used within local communities.
Total number of participants: 23 participants from 10 countries: Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Ireland.
This project enabled active involvement of all partner organisations to ensure successful implementation at all stages including capacity building and empowerment of young people in the field of eco-social entrepreneurship, establishment of cooperation and exchange of ideas and experience among young people from different countries.

Implementation period: November 2015 to May 2016

Donor: European Commission through Erasmus Plus Programme and National Agency for European Educational Programs and Mobility of the Republic of Macedonia.