Other activities - Local campaign against climate change

Project title: Local campaign against climate change

Several target groups were involved in the local campaign against climate change “There’s No Climate Switch Button”. The workshops for cartoon writing resulted in increased knowledge and skills for writing cartoons, and eco-stories as well as strengthened skills for teamwork and volunteering. The workshop participants produced an illustrated cartoon titled “There’s No Climate Switch Button” which was then distributed to all elementary and secondary schools. Eco-coffee messages were also produced and distributed to coffee shops thus indirectly involving the public. With each coffee, the customers of Concept and 19 got a message related to climate change and what each of us can do to protect the environment. Furthermore, a colouring book of all endangered species was produced and copies were distributed to all first graders and kindergarten children in Strumica, Dabilja, and Kuklish. Marching through the streets and carrying banners we tried to raise public awareness regarding climate change consequences by communicating to all citizens their role in addressing climate change and how they can get directly involved.
This ensured the achievement of the specific objectives to educate the youth and the children as well as increase the cooperation between the various target groups in the fight against climate change. Institutions involved in the project implementation: elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Strumica.

Implementation period: March – November, 2016

Funded by: env.net network, 4x4 x4 Balkan Bridges, municipality of Strumica.