Other activities - Monitoring the Action Plans for local strategies of Strumica - Cooperation with the civil society

Project title: Monitoring the action plans of local strategies of Strumica - Cooperation with the civil society

With this monitoring, ED Planetum aimed to increase the cooperation between the municipal government and the civil society by involving them in the implementation of the Local Strategy Action Plan – cooperation with the civil society. The monitoring involved various stakeholders and parties involved in the activities for achieving the strategic goals of each of the four perspectives.
-LED Department, LC, Community Centre, Legal Affairs department, Human Resources Management sector, financial department – all these will be subjects to the monitoring.
-Representatives of the civil society involved in the training and conducting of monitoring. Since the civil society represents the public, this also means that the citizens of Strumica are also a stakeholder.
For project purposes, monitoring teams consisting of representatives of the civil sector were engaged. All monitoring team members had undergone specialized training for monitoring and were tasked with monitoring of all departments and sectors of the City Hall in charge of the implementation of this Action Plan. Upon completion of the monitoring, the team members produced a report with recommendations and conclusions on how to improve the Action Plan implementation. The report will be presented before representatives of the City Hall and the civil society
The monitoring provided a clear picture of the implementation of all activities contained in the Action Plan. Moreover, it presented the factual situation concerning the use of municipal resources allocated for the achievement of the strategic goals.

Implementation period: June-December, 2016

Funded by : FOSM